Residing Here

Residing Here Berkeley Portraits 2018

Residing Here, is a public portrait and storytelling project based on illustrating and publicly exhibiting the unique relationships that a wide diversity of Berkeley residents have to both the natural and urban environment, shaping their stories and values in ways specific to this city and their experiences within it.  Through a selection process in which residents tell their individual stories and participate in photography sessions with the artist a select group of people of diverse ages, cultures and economic conditions will be chosen.  The result will yield physical installations of life-size portraits to be installed in public venues, both  native habitat and urban landscape, becoming part of the visual information and stimulation of our city. In addition to visual imagery, each installation will have a scannable code that connects the viewer through their phone to a dedicated app, where they can hear the subject’s story in their own words.  With the oral history of the people who live here, the public will discover that individual experience becomes collective identity.  


Residing Here is a collaborative project between Samantha Matalone Cook and Sheila Metcalf Tobin, both Berkeley residents and artists in their own ways. You can contact them about this project by emailing or